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              Glass steel pipe: current problems with cable tubes

              Source: Time:2018-12-07 16:13:20 瀏覽次數:

              In 2010, CCTV's economy broadcasted a program for half an hour. It gave a comprehensive and in-depth report on the current situation of overcapacity and vicious competition in China's wire and cable industry.
                  In 2010, CCTV's economy broadcasted a program for half an hour. It gave a comprehensive and in-depth report on the current situation of overcapacity and vicious competition in China's wire and cable industry. This investigation sounded the alarm for the whole industry and caused the whole society. Strong response. The industry has to face its own crisis of trust.
                  According to the statistics of statistical departments and industry associations, inferior cables pose a huge threat to the safety of construction projects. Currently, 2/3 of the fire accidents in the country are related to cable quality problems, and the losses cannot be estimated.
                  Wire and cable products are widely used in various fields of the national economy, supporting various industries, national defense construction and major construction projects. They are the basic guarantee for the normal operation of the modern economy and society, and are also indispensable products in people's daily lives. The wire and cable industry is the second largest industry in the machinery industry after the automotive industry.
                  On the surface, the wire and cable industry has continuously increased its contribution to the national economy, but its internal development has experienced a serious crisis, which is manifested in:
                  Industry concentration is not enough. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics in 2009, there are 4,653 state-owned and above-scale enterprises in the cable industry, 98.8% are small and medium-sized enterprises, and only 19 large enterprises. These 19 large enterprises only account for 11.7% of the market share, while the United States has three major production. Businesses accounted for 54%, Japan accounted for 86%, and the UK 12% accounted for 95%. Although China is a big cable manufacturing country, no one company can truly be regarded as the industry leader, nor has it formed an industrial chain scale, nor has it screamed world brands and multinational groups. It is difficult to fully participate in global competition.
                  Over-expansion of production capacity. Overcapacity in the cable industry has reached a very serious level a few years ago. After the financial crisis in 2008, the nightmare of capacity expansion began again. Under the drive of the policy of “expanding domestic demand and ensuring growth”, governments at all levels invested heavily in the development of new products or the development of high-end technology products, and built new plants and cables. The industry has formed a new round of investment boom.
                  Insufficient technological innovation. China's cable industry's average investment in research and development is less than 1% of sales. More than 90% of domestic cable companies' production capacity is concentrated on low-end products. In the cable industry chain, there are very few companies with high value-added products involved.
                  The profits are extremely meager. Due to the low level of competition in the domestic cable industry, according to industry statistics, the gross profit margin of China's cable industry in 2009 was only 12.84%. Less than manufacturing costs, personnel costs, financial costs, etc., many companies' net profit is only 2-3%, a large number of companies are on the verge of loss.
                  Non-standard tendering provides opportunities for inferior products to compete. In the cable bidding, because the bidding is very irregular, vicious competition and unfair bidding are more serious, and many unqualified companies rely on the relationship to participate in the bidding. Non-standard bidding behavior also hides the factors of corruption. Some bidding enterprises rely on collecting bidding fees to seek profits. There is no restriction on the enterprises participating in the bidding, nor do they conduct on-the-spot investigations. The pursuit of low prices has led to the exclusion of inferior products. The situation of formal products.
                  The entry barrier is low and many private shell companies are created. The access threshold for the cable industry is very low, so there are many small production workshops. One usually only has one or two equipments to produce one or two specifications. These small enterprises are often star-studded in some places, and they are warmed up and produced. The varieties complement each other. They do not have a sound management team, technical staff, quality control systems, or even testing equipment. However, they have brands, production licenses, various certificates and award certificates, and the registered capital is not low. They usually go to bid with more than a dozen brothers and sellers. These companies are very easy to string and standardize. When an order is taken back, the partnership will be divided into shares for benefit sharing.
                  In summary, the cable industry is in a state of internal and external difficulties. This has led to more disordered market competition and a worrying quality situation. In recent years, the relevant government departments have taken various measures to supervise the wire and cable market, but they still cannot suppress the momentum of counterfeiting. Many cable regular manufacturers hope to be self-disciplined, do not compete at low prices, and strictly follow the national standards, but in the face of vicious competition, they are in a situation where they cannot afford to eat.

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